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Hato drama CD translation index

This post has some overlap with my general drama CD info page(s), but oh well. Please buy legitimate physical copies of these CDs from or wherever you can get them. The stellar voice cast costs money, and piracy makes Moa sad.

Moa has provided track summaries of the first two drama CDs and may write up one for the third CD as well.

Dreamwidth user kyaaa has translated the main dialogue tracks of the 1st and 3rd drama CDs. The 4th drama CD is underway, and the 2nd is planned for future attack.

Tumblr user kujyakubato and a friend translated the first two tracks of the 2nd drama CD. I don’t know whether they’re still working on the rest of it.

1st drama CD, “Prologue” (Moa’s track summary)—

2nd drama CD, “Primal Feather[*]” (Moa’s track summary)—

[*: the “Feather” part of the titles is a pun, as a homonym of the usual word for “chapter”]

3rd drama CD, “Second Feather”—

4th drama CD, “Hatomame Sweet Blend”—

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