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Hato guidebook compilation post

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This post is about the first-edition “Hatoful Boyfriend” guidebook that Moa self-published in 2011. It’s still available from various sources; I don’t know whether it’ll continue being reprinted now that the professionally-published 2nd-edition fanbook is out.

Linked list of known translations and probable next targets. Big giant spoilers for BBL. Will update as necessary.

Standard disclaimer about the timeline/profile bits I’ve translated: everything I know about Japanese is based on juggling reference books and convenient software on my own. Any or all of this could be wrong. I encourage people to buy the guidebook themselves if they can as a reality check, and because I am never going to translate the entire thing.

Shirasato has been translating the short stories and has a much, much better fluency level than I do, with an accordingly higher reliability level for the results.

If anyone else would like to post additional/alternate translations, please let me know and I’ll be happy to link them from here.

pp 6-14— I’m planning to recompile the list of missable character-specific scenes and the dates they occur on, but I’m not going to add their requirements since those probably could be understood by someone who gets the guidebook without knowing any Japanese at all. The basic pattern is “(words) (a number) (words)”, where the number indicates how many affection points you need to score with that character beforehand. Some scenes have slightly more complex requirements involving stat points or other characters. In the meantime, here’s a messy older list.

p 16— archive file index

pp 18-19, timeline sections—

p 20 profiles—

(For some reason, these three profiles didn’t have their birthdates written into the text, unlike the others. I’m adding them in from the p18 timeline now.)

p 21 profile: Fujishiro Nageki

p 22 profiles—

p 23 profiles—

p 25: Ryouta short story

p 27: Sakuya short story

p 29: San short story

p 31: Kazuaki short story

p 33: Nageki short story [separate footnote post wrt the opening line]

p 35: Yuuya short story

p 37: Shuu short story

p 39: Anghel short story

p 51: Moa’s postscript

I’ve put together my own summary post of various canon-relevant things we’ve learned from the guidebook, as well as some supplementary official material such as the manga and Moa’s Twitter feed.

Temporary(?) appendix link until whenever I might set up a separate fanbook translation index post if there are eventually enough fanbook translations to index:

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