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OMG Himnesia.

I think I understand Himnesia, and now my brain feels like this video.

if I’m right, it hinges on some untranslatable wordplay: the Japanese word for “bleeding-heart dove” is himunebato, which most Google pages leave in katakana but which this page writes out as 緋胸鳩: literally, “crimson-breast dove”. Akagi Yoshio’s surname is written as 赤木: “red tree”.

Spoilers for Anghel’s route, BBL, and the 2nd drama CD. Quotes may be inexact, since I haven’t opened the game back up while typing this.

1.) Anghel is constantly terrified that something in him will emerge and harm “Edel Blau”. He keeps telling his “Crimson Breast” (probably Himune in the original) to stay quiet and stop tormenting him. On Legumentine’s, he can use the slightly different epithet “Black Beandonna” (which I have to find the original equivalent for) in telling something that it can’t use his body as it pleases.

2.) In the 2nd drama CD, Shuu seems to exert some sort of mind control over Yuuya and turns him into his pawn, “Knightmare”, to fight everyone else. Including Sakuya. We know from BBL that Yuuya is willing to kill and die for Sakuya’s sake— the drama CDs may not be completely canon, but just think for a moment about the utter sick twistedness of making Yuuya attack Sakuya, out of everybirdie in the world.

3.) Toward the end of BBL, Shuu does something to Ryouta that turns him red, puts him into mindless berserker mode, and cues up “Vermilion Carousel” and RPG turn-based combat until everyone else shakes him back out of it, through a combination of old-fashioned smackdowns and the Power of Love making him remember his true self and recognize his friends.

4.) At the successful conclusion of Anghel’s route, you get an archive document complaining that attempts to weaponize his hallucinogenic pheromones have failed. Partway though BBL, Shuu mentions that the more agitated Anghel becomes, the more his strength increases.

5.) In the CCG-style promo artwork for the 2nd drama CD, Anghel is shown with a red-feathered angel wing on his right side and a demonic batwing on his left; the latter is the same side as his bandaged eye and arm.

I think that that Shuu’s experiments on Akagi Yoshio concentrated on inducing a Jekyll/Hyde duality, and Himnesia is Anghel himself in fully weaponized mode.

The battle with Himnesia (Himunejia, which Japanese players compare to the English word “amnesia”) is represented with the only non-stock-photo bird graphic in the game: a red manga-style dove diving out of the heart of a red tree. It’s the “Crimson Breast” mindless berserker mode in externally personified form. (Or whatever the bird equivalent of “personified” would be.)

The end of Oko San’s route hints at the supersonic steroids Shuu was going to give Ryouta to spread the Charon virus around the world. I think the end of Anghel’s route hints at the red-lit mindless berserker effect Shuu induced in Ryouta beforehand.

Anghel himself is still somewhere inside, trying to fight it off, but he can’t do it by himself unless Hiyoko helps out with some physical smackdown (like Sakuya smacking him and Ryouta out of it midway through BBL).

What really hurts when I think about it is that the battle with Himnesia only happens at the successful end of Anghel’s route, after you’ve formed enough of a romantic bond for Legumentine’s beans and kept him from charging back into Shuu’s clutches alone. So Shuu can’t get him all the way into Himnesia mode unless Anghel falls in love with you first, ramping up his emotional agitation and internal conflict enough to put him over the top. And possibly end up killing you, which I think would make him want to finish forgetting everything about his past life and wholeheartedly fling himself into the “Himnesia” mindless berserker persona, completing successful weaponization.

GDI Shuu, you fluffy heretic and all-around sadistic SOB.

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