Addicted to Doves

that moment when you’re eyeing some Tumblr drama llamas and realize you have shoes older than them

fandom will almost always break your heart

because the original work ended too soon and you yearn for more (although that’s actually the best-case scenario)

or because it went on for too long and you think it ended up going the wrong way

or because you thought it was perfect but one day you go back to it and the Suck Fairy has touched it in the meantime, so you can see the cliches and trite stereotypes you hadn’t noticed before, or ingrained prejudices that may’ve been taken for granted when the original work was created but are unforgivable now

because one day you decide that the original creator is such a fundamentally horrible person that you can never enjoy their work the same way again

because one day you decide that some of your erstwhile co-fans are such horrible people that you can never enjoy the associated work the same way again

because one day you go back to the original work and nothing obvious has changed in your perception of it, but you yourself have changed so much that it simply doesn’t mean anything to you anymore

have been reading about Marion Zimmer Bradley and Ian Watkins (as individuals, not acting jointly)


(if you don’t know what I’m referring to then ALL THE TRIGGER WARNINGS before you start to Google)

It’s really weird watching the bebbehs’ personalities develop, and realize that their general modes have been set ever since they became conscious. Bebbeh #1 has always been more spontaneous and emotionally expressive. Bebbeh #2 has always been more reserved and analytical.

Which has some roundabout Hatoful connection because I think that there doesn’t def’ly need to be any one precipitating pre-bombing estrangement between Utsuro and his parents that made him so cold and detached— maybe he’s just always been this way.


ahahaha webseries potential for relatively nondysfunctional or at least nonfatal quail boyfriends setup

wonder what happened to Heartful House in this world though— same AU as HoliStar shrine???


I really want hatoful boyfriend absolute zero and all the drama cds but i dunno where to buy them (and AZ is sold out long ago I think??) I’m cry

you can get all the drama cds from and iirc Moa said Absolute Zero is going to be translated and released as an e-book for Kindle

yogurt-“poached” dried fruit

(Actually haven’t done this for a while, since the bebbehs have been plowing through fruit at an enormous rate, but was reminded by spotting some very slab-like slab apricots in the pantry.)

If you have some petrified dried fruit— unchewably hard prunes, grainy little raisin pebbles, whatever— a great way to rejuvenate and eat them is by putting some into the bottom of a bowl or cup, filling the rest of the way up with yogurt, and leaving it covered in the fridge overnight. They can be stirred to mix first, but don’t have to be.

By morning, the fruit will have gently plumped back up into a poached-texture from absorbing yogurt whey, and you have a nice serving of yogurt with fruit to start your day. Add some crunchy granola on top if you wanna.



"everyone is trans except evil hitori!"

i hate this

not only is this implying that actions that have nothing to do with gender somehow effect your ability to be trans

but it’s blatantly saying that people who aren’t considered morally “good” have to be cis…

if I’m also thinking of the same blog, then the last time I peeked at it they’d decided they were plantkin

so basically calling them batshit loopy would be not just an insult to bats (and maybe loops) but invoke the wrong kingdom of biological organisms to start with

(iow finally beat Hatoful 2048)