Addicted to Doves
so I plan on having my boyfriend watch me play through every single route of the original Hatoful (up to and including BBL) but at the same time, I don't want to completely break him. WHAT DO I EVEN DO!?

Ease him into it with a carefully chosen dating order— probably start with Okosan and work your way up toward Nageki and Shuu. And breakage may be inevitable anyway; my own spouse got to BBL before finishing all the dating routes and still refuses to go back and clear those to get the epilogue. Or play HoliStar.

Hi! I see in your guidebook compilation post you credit me as having translated a short story. I didn't, that was azurillturtle! I just linked it, since I didn't see it on tumblr when they put it up.

yikes, thanks for letting me know— dunno when I’ll be able to edit that page, but I’ll def’ly try to correct that when I can!

I shall now shed a single sparkling tear for the new hatchlings who do not yet understand that in “Hatoful Boyfriend”, you do not fuck the birds

the birds fuck you

Was looking thru children’s books for new stuff to read to the bebbehs and saw “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. Instant (silent) reaction: “FFS no, that thing took Mami Tomoe’s head clean off.”



so iā€™m playing Hatoful Boyfriend (aka Burd Dating Sim 2014) and Azami is fucking awesome like

i need a human portrait of her and a bonus route so we can be lesbian burd lovers

Moa posted official gijinka art of Azami and Blaster to her Tumblr a while back:

Still haven’t been able to play the Hato remake because of other stuff, but based on playthru screenshots, it looks like they remodelled Himnesia to have two bat wings instead of one normal + one bat? This makes me strangely sad somehow.


Hi Moa! I would like to ask you if you are going to make something else about Absolute Zero AU, because the storyline is really interesting. I know you are busy, just to know your intentions.



I heard a rumor that the fallen angel of Judecca is heading toward the magic universe to defeat the evil avian army. Soon he will tell us the next epic.


does anyone know where i can buy Absolute Zero? like on my laptop o__o i dont own a kindle

check moa’s Tumblr (moa810)— along with the Amazon Kindle link, she also posted a link for buying AZ in PDF format from Gumroad

for anyone who has ever felt useless and unloved and wished they had someone who always needed them



the thing about having someone who needs you all the time is that you have someone who NEEDS YOU ALL THE TIME

(as I type over the toddler twin in my lap who has been in a separation-anxiety phase and melts down outside a ~1 meter radius, although the other twin has been merrily teleporting out through doors and up stairways and bookcases given even a few inattentive seconds FML)

(also the other twin keeps coolly testing me as a squeaky toy to see what reactions result from various intensities of biting/clawing/hair-pulling… I am tempted to get the first one an unbleached white quail onesie and the other one a chukar did I mention seriously FML)